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My mother was an herbalist and my grandmother was a professional chef in San Francisco. After having children I found my way back to those roots and reignited my passion for herbal and culinary arts. Food is definitely my love language! 

It began when my oldest started preschool and was constantly fighting colds, which they generously shared with the entire household. It felt like every week brought a new cold, flu, fever, sore throat, earache, stuffy or runny nose and I wanted to find a way to combat the onslaught of ick. I started looking into vitamins, herbal supplements, elderberry syrups, teas- you name it, I tried it. It was an Olympic feat to actually get my kid to take any of it. I was determined to find something my kid would actually take that would help bolster their immune system and wouldn't result in one or both of us collapsed in a puddle of tears on the floor.

After trying syrups from multiple people as well as store bought I decided I would have to make my own. I started small, making a batch here and there experimenting with recipes my mom used.

Nothing was quite what I was looking for. Over the next year I tried and tested dozens of different recipes and variations.

After many trials and tribulations, it finally came together and our delicious elderberry syrup recipe was born. It was the perfect balance of flavors from a culinary perspective that beautifully melded with the functionality of centuries of herbal wisdom. 

It start with small batches for our family then grew to larger batches for eager friends and extended family. After much urging, we decided to scale up and start offering our syrup to our community through local shops, farmers markets and local craft fairs. 

In the search for a business name I came across a poem by Sharon Owens (I’ve included it at the end of my introduction) which really resonated with me and Sedition Brews was born (this was long before January 6th and our principles stand in direct opposition to the events of that day). 

We have since expanded our offerings to other seasonal syrups, Fire Cider, probiotic sipping vinegars, spice blends, a line of custom tea blends, handmade ceramics, homewares, and branded merchandise. We use locally sourced (when possible) organic ingredients in all our products. 

Dangerous Coats

Someone clever once said

Women were not allowed pockets

In case they carried leaflets

To spread sedition

Which means unrest

To you & me

A grandiose word

For commonsense




So ladies, start sewing

Dangerous coats

Made of pockets & sedition

-Sharon Owens

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